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RedsArmyAdmin April 21, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Yawn

Is it possible to sleepwalk your way to a blowout win? The answer is yes. The Celtics smoked the Hawks 104-81 tonight in Game 1 of their playoff series without impressing me. The Hawks shot 38% but the defensive intensity wasn't really there. The C's shot 46% from the field (8-15 3 FG) but were extremely streaky on the offensive end. Call me picky, but the Celtics can play a lot better. I'm not sure the Hawks can play much worse.

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Other observations:

Rajon Rondo's (15 pts, 9 assts) confidence is astounding. With the ball during the 3rd, Rondo recognized he had a mismatch, called for isolation, took his man to the hoop and scored with a funky one-handed flip shot. This dude has come a long way.

Posey, Powe and Cassell carried nearly all the important bench minutes in this one. Sam (10 pts in 16 minutes) looks extremely comfortable on the offensive end. Powe continues to be a force inside. His power dunk over Josh Smith and Pachulia Bibby in the 4th was incredible – so was KG's reaction.

Offensively, the Celtics were carried by individuals during key stretches. Pierce started the game hot (3 early 3 pointers). Ray Allen woke up in the 3rd quarter and scored 10 straight points. Rondo finished the 3rd strong with 6 consecutive points on two pull up jumpers and that isolation scoop shot.

Not sure about you, but I watched the game on TNT. I like Mike Fratello's analysis. If only he could have been paired with Mike Gorman.

That older woman with the green wig sitting behind the Celtics bench is hideous.

I really enjoyed watching the Pistons lose to Philly.

Mike Lowell, Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, Kevin Youkilis and John Henry were all at the game. With a game scheduled for 11 a.m., I figured they'd be tucked in by 9.

And supermodel Bar Rafaeli was also in the house:

I know…not the hottest picture. Oh well…


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  • Alex

    I originally thought the game was only on TNT. When I checked to see if it was on Comcast, I stayed there. I prefer listening to Tommy and Mike over anyone else if given the option. Just not the same when Tommy is not doing the game. I don’t know what’s wrong with Cousy though. He panics when the Hawks get 2 hoops in a row. I think he’s worried the C’s will end up taking them too lightly. I don’t think there is any chance of that.

  • I like watching the national coverage… just to see what they’re saying. I’ll flip back and forth… but I like hearing the national perspective

  • BigMck

    Tommy is great…in his own way. I like Fratello, Van Gundy & Jackson are hilarious…
    The crowd didn’t seem overly loud, at least on the TNT broadcast.

  • I agree with the yawn factor. If it hadn’t been a playoff game (I had no idea it was also on TNT because I live in a bubble) I may have spent my time looking back at old Red’s Army posts.