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Can Rondo Handle It?

RedsArmyAdmin April 19, 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Can Rondo Handle It?

He's been a stud all season, shutting up the critics who questioned his ability to lead this veteran team. But as I've heard 2.3 billion times over the past two weeks, the playoffs are different. It's a new game. Can this 22-year-old  carry over his superb play from regular season to post-season? As the Globe's Marc Spears points out today, he'll be tested. Mike Bibby, Gilbert Arenas, Chauncey Billups are some of the guys he's likely to face. And that list doesn't include whomever comes out of the west. I loved Rondo's play all year, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm slightly concerned.

As for Kevin Garnett missing two days of practice, the Celtics are not worried. Sounds like his wife had a long labor. Trust me that's no picnic, but I doubt KG has been sleeping in some tiny chair/make-shift bed like yours truly. According to Steve Bulpett, KG will be back at practice today.

As we anxiously await Sunday night's playoff opener with the Hawks, it's time for some expert analysis from myself.

Mike Bibby vs Rajon Rondo: If my memory serves me right, Bibby isn't afraid to take and make big shots in the playoffs. But it's been awhile since he's played in a meaningful game. I do expect Rondo to use his lighting speed and take advantage of Bibby's defensive liabilities.  Slight edge to Rondo.

Joe Johnson vs Ray Allen: Johnson can be an electric scorer, but I believe he'll put too much pressure on himself in this series and underperform. Hopefully Allen will let the offense come to him and nail open shots. Edge to Allen.

Marvin Williams vs Paul Pierce: Remember what a beast Pierce was in the 2002 playoffs and the 2003 series against the Pacers? I'm expecting big things from the Truth this go-round. Williams is a nice, little player but he won't be a factor. Edge to Pierce.

Josh Smith vs Kevin Garnett: I don't expect Smith to do much offensively against KG and the Celtics defense. But on the defensive end, his shot-blocking skills can come into play when Rondo, Allen or Pierce drive the line. Look for KG to be KG. Edge to Garnett.

Al Horford vs Kendrick Perkins: Horford's had a fantastic rookie season. Look for him to be a real pest with his offensive rebounds. Perkins needs to do two things: defend in the post and stay out of foul trouble.  Edge to Horford.

The Celtics get the edge in the bench and coaching categories. I'm predicting a sweep with the possibility that one of these games will come down to the wire. Now for real expert analysis from someone who actually did research and didn't rely on their aging memory, try Scouts Inc. 

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  • I like how they don’t even include Leon Powe in the StatsInc breakdown of the bench. Have they been watching the games? How about a cursory glance at the box score?

  • bigmck

    Good point. After Posey, he might be our second best bench player.

  • G4L

    I’ll make a bold prediction and say that I think the C’s will drop one game and win in 5. Just a feeling

  • aingelives

    If Rondo has a bad game or 2 it will not crush the Celtics. If he plays decent defense it won’t even be a issue. Arenas and Billups are there teams go to guys so they affect the outcome alot more then Rondo. In other words I will not lose any sleep over it. Not to mention he has playoff tested players all around him one that plays his position.

  • Let me preface this post by saying yes, I am wearing my rose colored glasses. I have heard all the national media talking about why the Celtics can’t win in the postseason, due to there bench. I even heard one guy in espn mag, say that because of Sam I am, having to many scorers he would take and miss a cluth buzzer beater making Paul KG and Ray mad! really this is the unadultarated horse shit being floated around now I read can Rajon handle the pressure. Really, lets see the knock on him at the begining of the season was can he dish to the stars and keep them happy, not only did he do that but he became a scoring option himself. Not to mention the bench play, I have had the pleasure of watching a lot of games this season, I would put our bench against most starting 5’s in the game not kidding. The Celtics had the division and conference locked up since feburary, sitting guys when they could and the bench played against teams struggling to get into the playoffs and all they did was continue to play well and win. Every night someone new, in closing looking forward to tommoro night and the rest of the playoffs go C’S #17 on the way.