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New Celtics Anthem

RedsArmyAdmin April 18, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on New Celtics Anthem


Boston's own Akrobatik put together a Celtics Anthem for Celtics TV on TV38 in Boston this season.  It's pretty good.  Click the photo for the link.  If you're too lazy to do that… then click here.  Jeez… do I have to do everything for everyone around here. 

Congratulations are apparently in order for Kevin Garnett… who may or may not have become a father.  KG guards his privacy better than the White House guards state secrets… and they have access to shredders. 

Doc Rivers was named NBA Coach of the Month for April.  That's the 3rd time he's gotten the award this year.  I think that should trigger some automatic Coach of the Year award for him.  He's got all these Coach of the Month awards… can't he just trade them in for the upgrade or something?

And we can start the predictions… John Hollinger style.  Hollinger's numbers are interesting… but I think sometimes I'm closer to building a perpetual motion machine than I am to understanding how the hell Hollinger comes up with his stuff.  All we need to know is his prediction:  Celtics over Utah in 6 (eat it, Lakers). 


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  • BigMck

    Love this paragraph from Hollinger:
    “Wake up, folks — this is one of the best teams of all time, and you might be surprised how easily they roll through the playoffs. I realize this is raining on the parade a bit since everybody is so jacked up about the competition in store this postseason, but I have to warn you there’s a chance the Celtics are just going to flat-out destroy everybody.”
    Get ready bitches, cuz here we come. Hey, that could be a line in Akrobatik’s anthem.

  • Juan Jimenez

    This video is pretty tight!
    I have been trying to join the redsarmy blog but I have no idea how to sign up. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

  • Akro kills it – that is awesome! Coulda been a lame idea but whoever decided to get Akro to do the song knew what they were doing.

  • Tim (FD)

    A couple of things:
    1) Exactly when did Manny Ramirez start this rap career?
    2) Akrobatik is amazing…. in addition to the sports rap-up everymorning, Akro also appeared on the greatest Boston rap song of all-time…. . It’s well worth listening to. And yes, the song does contain the line:
    “Knock you out of the park, you land on Yawkey Way
    My sh*t be butter, but around here we say Parkay/parquet”
    3) As I said the other day, John Hollinger loves the Celtics, and I’m almost positive that he built his formula around this Celtics team.
    4) Congratulations to Kevin and Brandi…. C’mon Ray, it’s your turn now.