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Ronja Rondo??

RedsArmyAdmin April 17, 2008 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Ronja Rondo??

If anyone has see those Sullivan Tire ads… you know Paul Sullivan looks like Monty Burns with longer hair.  And just like ol' Monty… it looks like good ol' Mr. Sullivan likes to hit the ether every once and again (and again… and again).

You don't need anything more than those ads to figure that out… but… here's a little more proof.. courtesy of BostonSportz.  I'm sorry Paul… what's our point guard's name again??

In other internet fun: 

Charles Barkley thinks the Wizards are morons.  Wait… a team taking its cue from self-centered, loud mouth Gilbert Arenas is acting irresponsibly.  NEVER! 

Memphis launched an official boycott on playing defense.  How else do you explain getting burned on two reverse-alley oops from half court.  Seriously Memphis… have some damn pride.

These are photos of Kyle Korver playing defense.  Chuck did that same thing when he saw the Chocolate Easter Bunny in the basket I gave him.  Adorable

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  • nate

    Am I missing the point of the 6th man? Doesn’t he start?

  • JTB

    That Sullivan Tire guy was physically painful to watch and listen to. First I winced, then recoiled in pain. Put a fork in that motherfvcker… he be done.

  • Alex

    I was impressed with the way Rondo kept a pretty straight face while Sullivan was talking. I don’t know if I could have.
    The Kyle Korver pictures are great . I could not stop laughing when I read in the comments section that some guy called it “Gay Elf Defense”. Too Funny.