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Are You Ready?

RedsArmyAdmin April 17, 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Are You Ready?

First of all, I love this picture of Paul Pierce. It's half-wink and half-scowl. It's a cute way of being a bad ass. As the Celtics were toying with the New Jersey Nets (no Posey or Rondo tonight) I saw a great stat on the Comcast broacast. I'll call them the five reasons we're going to win the title:

  • Lowest Opponents PPG
  • Lowest Opponents FG %
  • Lowest Opponents 3 FG%
  • Fewest Fast Break Points
  • Fewest Points in the Paint

The defensive dominance of this team is staggering. As I've heard a billion times over the past few weeks, it's a different game come playoff time. Well is any team better suited for playoff basketball than the Celtics? We can defend. Full-court and half-court. We can bang (Perk, Powe, PJ and Big-Baby) and play perimeter D. We can score on the break (Rondo) and perimeter (Ray, House, Pierce). We can score on the block (KG and Pierce). What can't this team do?

Box Score | Recap

And in one of the longest columns in the history of the internet, Bill Simmons has picked KG for MVP. Here's a snippet:

On May 22, professional basketball was effectively murdered in Boston. Garnett transformed every single facet of the franchise upon his arrival, from playing for the Celtics to coaching them to following them to owning them to working for them. What he did can't be measured by statistics; it can't even be measured in a few paragraphs like the section you're reading right now. It would belittle what he did. He transformed the culture of the team. He taught everyone to care about defense, to care about practice, to care about being a professional, to care about leaving everything they had on the court, to stop caring about stats and start caring about wins. He single-handedly transformed the careers of three young players (Rajon Rondo, Leon Powe and Kendrick Perkins), one veteran (Pierce) and one coach (Doc Rivers), all five of whom could have gone the other way. He played every exhibition game like it was the seventh game of the Finals.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about tonight's call-in show from 10-10:30PM.


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  • Chicago Bulls 95-96 72-10 – WON TITLE
    Chicago Bulls 96-97 69-13 – WON TITLE
    Los Angeles Lakers 71-72 69-13 – WON TITLE
    Philadelphia 76ers 66-67 68-13 – WON TITLE
    Boston Celtics 72-73 68-14 – LOST IN EAST FINALS
    Chicago Bulls 91-92 67-15 – WON TITLE
    Boston Celtics 85-86 67-15 – WON TITLE
    Los Angeles Lakers 99-00 67-15 – WON TITLE
    Dallas Mavericks 06-07 67-15 – CHOKED IN FIRST RD
    Milwaukee Bucks 70-71 66-16 – WON TITLE
    Boston Celtics 07-08 66-16 – ????
    Let’s just say our like our chances of winning the whole thing…


    All-Time NBA Wins per Season
    Chicago Bulls 95-96 72-10
    Chicago Bulls 96-97 69-13
    Los Angeles Lakers 71-72 69-13
    Philadelphia 76ers 66-67 68-13
    Boston Celtics 72-73 68-14
    Chicago Bulls 91-92 67-15
    Boston Celtics 85-86 67-15
    Los Angeles Lakers 99-00 67-15
    Dallas Mavericks 06-07 67-15
    Milwaukee Bucks 70-71 66-16
    Boston Celtics 07-08 66-16

  • William

    Guess it was about 20 minutes too late huh?

  • Tim (FD)

    I’m going to have to say that this was probably the best call-in show in redsarmy history.

  • Ajay

    iono guys this seems like it’s destined boston and LA on top of there conference just like in the 80’s this new SI cover just give me goose bumps when I see it every time and too note since ba finals rating have been low for a couple of past year you know David Stern is on his knees everyday and begging for a lakers vs celtics finals series