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Doc For Coach Of The Year

doc riversIt's time for the Doc haters to go away for a couple of days. 

Say what you want about the past… but you really couldn't ask any more from Doc Rivers this year.  He was given the keys to a very expensive, very fast car… and right now… it's in mint condition.  The team is going into the final game of the regular season at 65-15.

Spare me the "let's see what he does in the playoffs" for a couple of days.  Doc Rivers took an entirely new mix of players to one of the best records in NBA history.  I think that at least earns him the Coach of the Year award.

It's an argument that's being made in our forums… which you might expect.

But its an argument also being made in national blogs… like Empty The Bench

Many expected an adjustment period after so much roster turnover in the offseason for the Celts. Rivers has had this team ready to play, and play extremely well, since day one. They started the season with eight consecutive victories and stood 29-3 on January 5th. Boston incorporated the games of two new superstars seamlessly on the court, and in the locker room Rivers has managed the potential egos splendidly. His handling of the new pieces has been masterful, and not just the Big Three. Boston also added James Posey, Eddie House, Glen Davis and later Sam Cassell — through it all Rivers has put together solid rotations and kept everybody happy and productive.

Bingo.  Now someone tell the panel at ESPN that.

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  • William

    Wouldn’t it be great if Thibodeau and Rivers got co-COY and Garnett and Pierce got co-MVP? That’d hammer down the “this is a team” philosophy right?
    Sigh, guess I’ll have to make due with the 16 playoff wins that are coming (*knock on wood*).

  • bigpartymaker

    I think COY should go to Garnett

  • Jon

    I can’t believe only 1 person (Tim Legler) picked Doc. If the argument’s that the C’s would’ve won that many games no matter who was the Coach, I’m not so sure. The chemistry came together really fast and I think Doc had a lot to do with that. Really, Tom Thibodeau should be Coach of the Year but they should give it to Doc as a representation of his whole coaching staff and how they dominated both aspects of the game all year long.

  • nitpicker

    theyre 65-16, NBA is still playing 82 games.

  • Mike

    I don’t doubt that Thibideau did a lot for this team, but it shouldn’t come at Doc’s expense. He’s the leader of this team. I’m still not totally sold on Doc, but this is a regular season award, and I find it hard to believe there was a better coach in the regular season than Doc.
    Another thing, Byron Scott is going to get this based on one of the stupidest reasons that people use to choose the winners of such awards: preseason expectations. Because no one “expected” the Hornets to be so good, he’s done such a great job. No. That just means people didn’t know enough about the Hornets. Judge it on what happens during the season. Obviously Scott did well, and he deserves consideration, but it really befuddles me how he’s seemingly running away with it.