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All Suited Up (Except KG)

Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce did not play in tonight's game against the Knicks. While it appears Doc Rivers is just resting his superstars, there is some concern about Pierce's left wrist. Here's the latest from Peter May:

Pierce, however, was wearing an ace bandage on his left wrist, which was covered with an ice bag. He said he hurt the wrist in the Atlanta game and that he doesn't believe the injury is anything more than a bruise. However, he said he'd have x-rays tomorrow just to make sure. "I don't think it's anything bad,'' Rivers said of Pierce's wrist.

Here's hoping this "injury" doesn't linger. Eddie House also sat with a strained right adductor. He might play in Wednesday's season finale against New Jersey. 

My nitpick of the night: Don't get me wrong, I love KG – but it pisses me off when he doesn't join the team on the bench. I can understand when he's injured, because it's possible that he's getting treatment during the game. But why can't the man just throw on a suit and join his boys on the bench? And don't give me the garbage that he's too intense to sit and watch. There, I said it. Now bring on the hateful responses.

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  • gotta agree. I don’t think its a big deal… but I would like him there.
    I guess this is his way of saying he doesn’t agree with the decision

  • he should’ve been there. if pierce and allen were there on the bench, then there’s no reason for him to stay in the locker room..

  • ssshady35

    Leave him alone!!! Who cares if he’s not on the bench. What he has done for this franchise is more than him sitting on the bench when he’s not playing. KG is more of a team player than we have had in a long time. I’m sure none of the players on the team are upset with him for not being there. He loves to play the game and I’m sure it’s hard for him to just sit there and just watch even if it is the Knicks. Bring home #17 that’s all I care about KG.

  • SpaceBar

    I’m completely with you on KG being on the bench.
    What makes him so special that he can’t be there with the captain in a suit?

  • I heard the dude that won the Masters met the team in the lockeroom at halftime…Seems kinda odd.

  • Nora

    Here’s a link you might want to check out:
    I will say it is because of his intensity and from what I read it is probably best for him and the team that he does not become a distraction. It is not as if he is out partying he is still in the lockeroom.