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Just Shut Up

RedsArmyAdmin April 13, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Just Shut Up

I just love when someone doesn't start calling for change… until HE is getting screwed.

Last year… when the Golden State Warriors were barely above .500… Don Nelson didn't cry foul about the way the playoffs were set up.  But now that the Warriors could be a 50 win team that misses the playoffs… suddenly Don wants the throw the whole system away.

"I hope the league makes some adjustments, at least talks about the issues," Nelson said. "Combine everybody and just take the top 16 teams would be probably the most fair thing. … I think with our own (charter) airlines, (cross-country) trips aren't like they used to be. So what's the difference if you have to play the East a little more? Play everybody as (equally) as you can and take the top 16 and let's go. That's what I'd do."

Yeah Don… that's what you'd do… until next year… when the Warriors are 40-42 and clinging to the 8th spot in the conference.  Then you'll think the sytem is fine.  I know you might win 50 games and miss the playoffs… but that just means you should have won 51.  You can't just eliminate divisions and conferences because of a one-year quirk.  So shut up, Don

And I think its time for us Celtics fans to shut up about why KG should be MVP.  We all know how valuable he is… so at this point… it's all preaching to the choir.  I know Peter May makes sound arguments for KG today… but it's just not happening.  I think Marc Stein's ballot will be more accurate.  I wouldn't be surprised if most voters are waiting to see who finishes first out west… so their vote can go to the player (Chris Paul or Kobe Bryant) on that team.  KG will be defensive player of the year… and we should just be happy with that.  Oh… and 66 wins.  We should be happy with that too.

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  • Jester00

    Am I right with this stat? 11 Celtics have gone for 20 or more points in a game at least once this season? that’s got to be some sort of record.

  • Ajay

    R u guys dumb n da head Kobe been the most constitent through out da league 1st it was between Kobe and KG then Kobe vs Lebron now Kobe vs CP3 and n all Kobe has prevail it is only right to give the MVP to da best player in the world

  • Aingelives

    A team that isn’t under 500 should not be allowed in the playoffs period. To me the MVP is clear its Cp3!! He won’t get it Kobe will,KG IS AMAZING and next year when the Celtics win back to back he will probally still not be MVP.

  • Nora

    Um Ajay, how did the Lakers do without Gasol?

  • blueandgold

    Ya but Bynum and Ariza were out too, in addition to Gasol.
    How would KG do w/out Pierce, Rondo and Cassell? In the West?
    And the C’s certainly didn’t stop winning when Garnett went down.