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Gilbert Arenas: Still A Douchebag

Gilbert Arenas is at it again

So here are the instructions for the Boston Celtics if you play the Washington Wizards in the playoffs:

Click on this post headline
Hit Ctrl + P
Display on locker room bulletin board
Sweep Washington
Point and laugh at Gilbert Arenas

The Boston game felt like a playoff game to an extent.

Not the atmosphere though, sometimes it got a little bit loud. I thought Game 1 of the season up there was more like a playoff atmosphere because they had so much going on and that crowd was just crazy.

Our crowd didn’t need to get into it because they believed in us that we were going to win the game.

I remember when I made the prediction at the beginning of the year that we would beat Boston, everybody laughed at me after we lost. They had their little short giggles. I’m glad you guys giggled, because I’m going to be giggling the whole summer now.

I think we’re the only team in the league to beat them three times this season. So, giggle giggle giggle back. You all were so quick to kill me, but five months later I got the last laugh.

Three out of four.



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  • G4L

    What a Jerk!!

  • Mike

    Giggles is so cute. Good job, Giggles Arenass!! See you next year!

  • BigMck

    Someone tell Arenas the Celtics finished 22 games ahead of the Wizards.

  • ssshady35

    This guy has no class I don’t know why anybody even would ask him a question. Anything that comes out of his mouth is garbage. He does not know how to play team ball why doesent he just go play for “and 1” He gets on my nerve!!!