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Road Warriors

RedsArmyAdmin December 30, 2007 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Road Warriors

Anyone who watched wrestling during the 80s knows the Road Warriors were the best tag-team ever. They were bad asses who demolished opponents. I like to think the Celtics are taking on their personality. After last night's 104-98 win over Utah, the Green are 3-0 on this West coast swing. Next up are the surprisingly good LA Lakers. Let's beat LA (which is always a good thing), sweep this road trip, and then give the big middle finger salute to all nay-sayers who kept whining, "But the Celtics haven't gone out West yet." Can you tell I have a chip on my massive shoulders?

If KG and company needed extra motivation for tonight's game, they can thank Jerry West.

"Garnett is very good, but if he had the pressure on him to score like Kobe does every night, there's a difference," said West. "Kevin is going to be a great, great player every night in all facets of the game.

"But the other one has a little bit different kind of cachet to him. You're going to pay to see Kevin Garnett play, but you're just going to see a tremendously good basketball player.

"The degree of excitement with Kobe Bryant is like going to an action movie instead of seeing a great film. Kevin Garnett would be in a great film and Kobe Bryant would be the action-hero figure. He's going to supply the jumps off the tops of bridges, dunks, going through 10 people, driving to make a layup."

You are right Jerry. Kobe is the action star. The guy behind all those $100 million movies. But KG is the celebrity who is putting his ego aside, starring in the low-budget indy flick so he can win an Oscar. I am so tired of all this Kobe praise. He's divisive and selfish. Period. And when things went south, he pointed fingers at everyone but himself. He wanted out of an organization that stood by him during his rape trial. Talk about ungrateful. Not to mention he hasn't won jack since Diesel drove out of LA.

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  • La Vert Hall

    To me the Jerry West quote is insignificant! I’m a die hard Lakers Fan since 1977, I hate Boston!!! You guys hate L.A. lets cut to the chase and bring it on!!!!! Stop hating on Kobe because before the season started nobody could have predicted we be this good, not even myself. No quote (Jerry West) is needed for extra motivation for this game, if so we’ll blow you guys out tonight, ’nuff said!!

  • Tim (FD)

    I see what you’re saying, but I interpret that quote as a very intelligent basketball mind expaining that Kevin Garnett is a more effective basketball player and more of a winner than Kobe Bryant, even though Bryant receives more praise and attention for what he does.

  • Aingelives

    What about the British Bulldogs? Goodguys 106-Lakers 93

  • celtified

    yeah spin it Jerry. i’ll take “tremendously good” KG over the selfish, tremendously great rapist Kobe to start a team anyday. Faker fans need the glitzy plays to keep their interest because their mostly bandwagoning fans can’t comprehend or appreciate the subtle nuances of great basketball. i hope Doc sends in BBD to grapple Turiaf in what i think will be Phil the clown’s thug choice if the C’s lead gets out of hand.
    Laker hating since 1980 and proud of it!

  • Dudot Jaworski III

    The lakers are like gillberg, funaki and eugene. They are jobbers