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RedsArmyAdmin December 28, 2007 Uncategorized 1 Comment on Now On Barstool

delonte westI forgot how much I loved Delonte West… until seeing him last nght:

I still love Delonte West. How can you not? He's the kind of guy that gets kicked in the balls and asks "Is that all you got?" He's the guy in the movies that's too stupid to die… even when he's been shot a dozen times. (Read the rest)

Admit it… you all still love Delonte too.  I wonder if we can get him back somehow.  Here's a link that might make you  throw up in your mouth a litte:  Have Boston and New York switched places? 

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  • droopy

    delonte is a fucking stud…. BRING HIM BACK… scalabrine and a pick for him!!!!!!