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We’re Awesome… Wait… We Suck… Wait…

paul pierce

This game had more mood swings than a menopausal schizophrenic on an acid trip.  The Celtics opened the game on a 10-2 run.  Then the Kings took a lead early in the 2nd quarter.  Then the Celtics played an almost perfect 9 minutes of basketball that resulted in a 33-5 run to end the first half.  Then they came out the in the 3rd quarter and turned the ball over 9 times, got outscored 27-13, and saw their lead cut from nearly 30… down to 5.  Then they finished the game on 22-8 run to win it 89-69. 

Got all that?  Here's what stood out:  

The Kings were allowed to beat up Kevin Garnett down low.  He kept getting hit in the face and on top of the head.  Brad Miller looked like he was auditioning for an MMA tournament… but he ended the game with 2 personal fouls.

The Celtics put it in cruise control WAAAAAY too early.  Now… instead of letting the end of the bench play the whole 4th quarter… we had to watch Paul Pierce play 41 minutes, and KG & Ray Allen play 36 apiece.  They should have all played 30 minutes tops… but Doc had no choice.  The C's nearly blew this game.

Tony Allen is really hit or miss.  He's never really OK out there.  He's either playing great, or he sucks.  He sucked in this game.  12 minutes, 4 fouls, 4 turnovers, 4 points.  All those numbers essentially came in that crappy 3rd quarter.  Chuck is right… Tony Allen can be the key to this team.  If he played will in the 3rd… maybe our stars could have gotten more rest. 

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  • No… I don’t think so. He played well against them before. I’m just guessing here.. but I think the team is sending him a message about his conditioning.

  • Bill

    I’m in love with Rondo too (in the most heterosexual way possible). He’s so quick, great off the dribble, and the team starts to fall apart when he’s not on the floor, which shows he’s critical to this team. I think it’s time to start calling them the Big 4. I do get a little nervous when he takes it to the rack and he gets hacked and thrown to the floor. It would be really bad for this team if he goes down with an injury (knock on wood).
    Another thing I noticed: Big Baby didn’t even play. He started games back when Perk was hurt, but he was DNPed last night. Going from starter or first off the bench to DNP is a big swing. Was it the matchup that kept Davis on the bench?