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RedsArmyAdmin December 27, 2007 Uncategorized Comments Off on Now On Barstool

Tony Allen = Wily Mo Pena

There was nothing quite like watching Wily Mo Pena put up 0-3, 2K lines in the box score for 7 straight days… then seeing a 3-4, 2 HR, 5 RBI night before he laid 7 straight eggs again.

Right now, that's pretty much what Tony Allen is doing.

Meanwhile, Barstool commenter Tom C. says Tony Allen is a cheap SOB, while James Posey is an awesome tipper:

I work at a club in town that some Celtics come to from time to time, and last year Allen came in a lot and never ever tipped, and wanted his drinks for free aftr he would ask you, "do you know who I am?"….Delonte West was a little better. This year however James Posey comes in a lot and is nothing but nice, expects nothing for free, and over tips like crazy!!!

The way Allen is playing right now…. I'd want to save my money too.  I'm not sure I want someone with a recent DUI in that club a lot.  Hope Posey designates a driver.

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