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RedsArmyAdmin December 23, 2007 Uncategorized 2 Comments on The Key

He's known around our forums as Turnover Allen. He was crucified by Celtics nation after falling for Chauncey Billups' masterful upfake at the end of the game with the Pistons. But to me, Tony Allen is the key to our season. That's because I expect the rest of the guys on the roster to play at their current level. I can't imagine the Big 3 being any bigger. Perk is Perk. The bench has been great, but can you really expect more from James Posey and Eddie House? While there may be some level of improvement with the ripe Rajon Rondo, the player with the most room for immediate growth is TA. Once he reaches 100%, he will be our best bench player – our sixth man. He's turning the corner. You saw the dunks in the game against the Bulls. He played well during Ray's bout with the sore ankle. The more confidence Tony develops, the more confidence Doc Rivers will develop in him.

"It's a process," Rivers said. "It doesn't matter how many people tell you how healthy you are. You have to play yourself through it and, at some point, you'll convince yourself. The only way that happens is out on the floor. Practices are important, but games are where it's at. Physically, he's actually fine. Mentally, he's probably at 65 percent, 70 percent at best."

Gary Payton, Travis Best and…Sam Cassell? The we-need-a-veteran-point-guard-talk continues. Sam's on the books for $6+ million this year. Even if Danny wanted this guy, I don't know if its possible.

And in today's "You can't be serious" category – are the Celtics taking another look at Kedrick Brown?

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  • We didn’t throw Tony under the bus. A purposeful Tony is a great Tony and Tony played with some purpose against the Bulls. It was great to see him still willing to confront being challenged. After the last three years, Tony could have packed it in and held his head high. We think he needs playoff basketball to remember changing speeds.