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Return Of The Glove?

RedsArmyAdmin December 21, 2007 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Return Of The Glove?

gary paytonOne of the subplots that came out of the Detroit game is the Celtics lack of a backup point guard.  I think a lot of people have this same feeling:  Eddie House is doing a great job as a shooter off the bench, but he's not a point guard.  Detroit pulled the old run-and-jump defense… and he didn't respond well.

Enter, perhaps (according to Marc Spears), Gary Payton

Ex-Celtics point guard Gary Payton watched on television from his Las Vegas home Wednesday night as his former team lost to the Pistons. And once Chauncey Billups hit the winning free throws with a tenth of a second remaining, Payton called his agent.

"He called me and said, 'Hey, I'm reminding you that the Celtics are a team I feel like I can help,' " said agent Aaron Goodwin.

Goodwin says GP is OK with coming off the bench, and OK with making the veteran minimum.  He's 39 (which means Doc will probably play him 41 minutes a game)… but call me crazy… I think GP can help us.  Not only that, I think he can do it without cutting significantly into House's minutes.

The C's also asked about Chris Webber's availability…. but ESPN says  Webber is returning to Detroit 

You want a rant?  Check out the very calm, level-headed folks over at Perk Is A Beast… who have a message for the woe-is-me Celtics fans who are breaking their ankles jumping off the C's bandwagon after the Detroit loss.  To the credit of our readers… we haven't seen any of that on Red's Army. 

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And my favorite link of the day (and maybe the year):  Acie Earl has a basketball camp!  Yeah… Acie Earl.  If any of you younger readers don't know who Acie Earl is… his nickname was "Jurassic"… because he was as slow as a dinosaur… and that was the most complimentary thing that was said about him.

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  • Tim (FD)

    Did I not call this immediately after the game in the pod-cast?

  • You probably did Tim.. I was so drunk and pissed off, I barely remember it.
    Ok… I wasn’t drunk… that would have been… um…unprofessional.
    Yeah…that’s it.

  • perkisabeast

    We didn’t see you guys flaming the Pistons boards. What gives man? We gotta stick together against the scourge of midwestern hostility.

  • Green4Life

    The glove is the best option out there for the celtics. So this would be a solid move! This move might help out E.House more than anyone else. Now all he can really think about is just shooting the ball… not that he hasn’t been doing that, but still. This move would also help out Pruitt’s devolpment alot since the team can only bring him up from the D-league one more time.

  • Jester00

    Pretty old at this point. But makes for a great interview. Very old. Oh, so old. Since when do human beings even get this old? This, folks, is an old man.

  • Hey Perkisabeast – we weren’t flaming Detroit boards because they came to us. We were fighting the battle on our home soil.
    As for GP, I say come aboard. Ten minutes a game, maximum.

  • Pat

    I’m all for bringing GP back at the veteran minimum. I dont like how if Rondo is out or in foul trouble we have to use Ray Allen at the point in crunch time, GP would have been a huge help in that game Wednesday night. They cut Wallace, which leads me to believe they are eyeing a vet min guy that just got bought out sometime down the road, but GP fits the bill right now, you cant just assume someone like Cassell will become available. I liked what Payton brought to the team the first time he was here, and while older now, he’ll be asked to play less and I think he could do for the C’s what he did for the Heat.

  • droopy

    give me the pistons web sites to go to and ill talk some shit to them like they did to us… under 2 weeks til we go to detroit… LETS GO CELTS!