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Applauding J.A. Adande

RedsArmyAdmin December 19, 2007 Uncategorized Comments Off on Applauding J.A. Adande

JA Adande drops some serious knowledge in his latest piece on the Celtics, and their unwarranted shunning by the black community:

Let's just say it: To fans who came of age during the NBA's glory days of the 1980s, the Celtics have long been considered a "white team." They were Larry Bird's team when Magic Johnson and the Lakers were the other choice…….

….. That was the prevailing attitude. And it was rooted in ignorance.

Part of that's because, prior to the 50th anniversary season of 1996-97, the NBA never did much to promote its history. While everyone knew the role the Dodgers played in integrating baseball, most people didn't realize the Celtics were the Dodgers of basketball, the Texas Western of pro hoops. 

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