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Pistons Hype, Day 2: Why They’re Better

pistons hold trophiesTomorrow night is the big matchup against the Pistons… and a lot of us have been looking forward to this game for a while.  It's supposed to be the first real true test for the Boston Celtics in what has been a dream season so far.  But there's one reason why they're better than us right now.

They've been there before.   

The Celtics may very well win tomorrow night, but it will be because this game is more important to the Celtics than it is to the Pistons.  As much as I'm sure they'd like to prove a point, I'm also even more certain that they'd trade a December loss for a May win any time.  The Celtics are looking to prove something, but the Pistons have already proven it.  They've been there before.  If this were a video game, "being there before" would upgrade everyone's talent level by a few points. 

The postseason highlights flaws, exposes weaknesses, and battle-hardens a team.  The Celtics are the flashy new car that's just been driven off the lot… it looks great and it's driving like a racecar.  But what happens when it hits a pothole?  Will it fall apart… or will it absorb the impact?

So what's the point of this?  Should the Celtics win tomorrow, let's treat it with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm.  A win tomorrow means we'll be lumped into that "elite" group of teams this regular season… but the Pistons will be better than the Celtics until the day we're still in the playoffs… and they're playing golf. 

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  • bigmck

    It’s true. We are clearly not playoff battle tested. Rondo can shoot 80% in the regular season, but teams will still dare him to make the jumper in the playoffs.

  • That’s really where Rondo is going to grow up. Think of Billups…. he bounced around and was a journeyman until he stepped up for the Pistons in the post-season. He instantly became a mainstay worth a big contract.

  • Bill

    I expect KG and P squared to step it up on both sides of the floor tomorrow night, and I expect the Rondo-Billups battle to be very interesting. I give Billups a slight edge, but Rondo’s defense and his quickness to the bucket will keep the matchup close. I see that Ray will be cleared to play, but I’d like to see TA shut down Rip. Perk and Big Baby will have their hands full with Wallace, but if they stay out of foul trouble, I think they can keep Wallace in check.
    All in all, I envision this one coming down to the wire, with the Celts winning by 5.

  • Juanito

    Whoa, some of these comments are obscene…Bill gives Billups a “slight edge” over Rondo? Wait until the Pistons post up Billups over and over until Rondo is sent to the bench for the bigger guard House. No one on the Celtics can guard Hamilton, and historically Rasheed and Garnett pretty much cancel one another out. Prince will be draped all over Pierce the entire evening, shutting him down like the Pistons have done to most stars they have faced this year. This leaves either an ailing ray Allen or a non-existent bench to win this game for Boston. Unlikely…

  • Tim (FD)

    Hey little Juan, here’s a little math problem for you: 20-2 > 17-7.

  • So Bill, curious, since we beat the Cavs and Magic that must make us better than you also right? Wins dont mean anything. Remember that half our season we have been without atleast one all-star. Whether it be Billups, Rip, or Wallace… In the end good luck tomorrow night, and remember this is nothing more than a long preseason.

  • droopy

    I think that everyone said from the start were nothing without the so-called “big 3”, our bench is weak….. well Allen has missed the last two, we didn’t miss a step and our “weak” bench has stepped up all season….. remember the inbound pass house deflected that lead to allen hittin the game winner at the buzzer? I do… this will be a close game tomorrow but I give the C’s the edge.. I do agree with you steve that this is just a long preseason

  • Tom

    The pistons will blow the C’s out tomorrow. I been watching some of the Pistons games, and they look pretty good with their bench and starters playing together. Also, I’m not sure that RA will be 100%. Even if the only matchups in their favor are Billups-Rondo and Wallace-Perkins, they still have a starters quality bench.

  • If Celtics stay healthy, they’ll be in the Finals vs the Spurs. Pistons have looked like they’ve lost something ever since Ben Wallace left. Like a chunk of heart.

  • chicagogreen

    sorry guy, I agree that chauncey will post up rondo, he is the best at that since mark jackson (maybe baron davis) but house is tiny, way smaller than rondo, height wise anyway.

  • Renaldo

    Let me start off by saying this…the Celtics haven’t been together for a season yet, let along a half a season. They haven’t accomplished what the Pistons have. The Pistons have made the Eastern Confrence Finals 5 straight seasons, made 2 NBA Finals appearances and won a NBA championship. The Celtics have yet to prove they are a elite team in the playoffs. You give them 2 new guys and people think they are just this ultimate team…you must be out your fuckin’ mind…yall’ need to know who the real BEAST FROM THE EAST is …DEEETROIT-BASKETBALL!!!

  • Like Redsarmy just stated, this is just another game in December for the Pistons. Let me also emphasize (sp) I’m a huge KG fan, however the winner will be determined on which Pistons team shows up. The one that plays with heart and a will, or the one that thinks just because they are the Pistons they should win… either way good luck to both sides. Looking forward to it 😉

  • Boney

    all you guys need to relax, especially Boston fans. You all act as if your team (not you) has accomplished anything special. I see “tell your team to look up when the enter the arena”, the arena hasn’t seen a championship yet… the team hasn’t won a championship since all the old guys left. This 20-2 is pretty on paper, but ask Dallas what having the best record in the league gets you… NOTHING.
    You almost has me with the “Sheed’s skills are declining” comment.. luckily I caught myself before I fell out of the chair laughing. Keep looking in the stats sheet to make your jokes and remarks while I count the numbers of rings Sheed has as compared to the Celtics “big 3”. KG will have more points than Sheed, but you won’t see KG lined up on Sheed down on the block. KG can’t guard Sheed, never has been able to, never will be able to. KG will be on McDyess, and just wait until Maxiell comes in the game… Boston, hide your babies… The Baby Eater is coming!

  • silverlocke

    I expect Billups to out play Rondo. If he doesn’t the Pistons should have some real concern. The Garnett Wallce match-up should be interesting since KG has never had this good of a supporting cast. I know too little about Detroit’s bench to comment, but given how surprised most Celtics fans are, I would be very surprised if Detroit fans had an accurate guage of what they can do. It will be very interesting to see how these two defenses hold each others offence. Celtics at home and want it more probably win. Neutral court playoff pick’em

  • Hi RedsArmy, Boston Fans,
    First, I wanted to wish you and the Celtics good luck tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time now, and I look forward to seeing how our respective teams match up. Your big three is the most intimidating in the league, and you should fare very well throughout the rest of the season.
    In the last few seasons, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have played below their averages almost consistently when playing against Detroit. Paul Pierce, however, gives Detroit a very hard time. Chauncey has the obvious edge over Rondo, and it is there that Detroit’s three keys to this game begins:
    1 Chauncey over Rondo.
    2 Rasheed over Big Baby.
    3 Maxiell as an explosive force off the bench.
    Boston has an amazing core, but the three points above are your greatest weaknesses against Detroit. Historical matchups prove that Pierce will be your best weapon tomorrow, followed by Garnett then Allen. In a best of seven series, Detroit owns the matchups, the depth, and the full team experience to overpower Boston.
    One interesting note– when Garnett played the Pistons last January, he was ejected for fighting with Antonio McDyess… The two will be guarding eachother tomorrow night.
    One last thing– for anyone who thinks detroit is on the decline, just take a look at the career stats for our starters. Everyone BUT rip is having the best year of their careers in quite a long time… and our bench is stronger and deeper than it was when we one the finals.
    Good luck tomorrow, Boston. We respect your team, your players, and look forward to an exciting team.

  • alex_pistons

    detroit & boston will see eachother in the East-Finals, barring injuries. the game tonite is just A GAME, but still interesting for both teams. I’m sure Sheed will guard Garnett, since he knows him best. For the Pistons to win, Billups needs to take it to Rondo and Dice got to be agressive. Very excited for the Game! go pistons….

  • shabab

    Boston might win cuz they want it more but in the playoffs itz detroit whose gonna go to the finals by taking out celtics.

  • Richie

    I just wanted to say that this blog has gained a lot of credibility, to me since it’s realistically measuring its team against another team and giving that team it’s props. As for the readers, howecer- I don’t think anyone’s hating on the Celtics. There’s no denying how good they are, and with THREE super stars and a 20-2 reccord, there’s no way you’re going to play the underdog card here. Everyone knows that Boston is the team to beat, but everyone also knows that if there is a team to beat them, it’s the Pistons. That’s going to make for a great game. I think both teams win at home.

  • Bill

    Detroit fans act like the regular season is meaningless. They must have forgotten about concepts such as seeding and home-court advantage. You guys point out that Dallas had the best regular season record last year and were knocked out in the first round. Way to point out the anomalous case. Good work.
    By the way, accuscore.com gives Boston a 72% chance of winning tonight.

  • BigReg in MI

    Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Pistons win this in a overtime victory. I agree that these are the top two teams in the East and should meet up again in the EC FINALS. I’m going to throw out one more prediction. EC Finals, Celtics will have home court, but Pistons win in 7.
    Also, to the BoSux, you better go out and get Santana b/c that is the only way that you will beat the TIGERS in any series. D-town w/ the D-train will roll over your world series asses.

  • Jon

    I’m sure All Stars that were the only real threats on their teams, a.k.a. Garnett and Allen, all did worse than normal against Detroit. They are an excellent defensive team and if there’s only one person to stop, it’s not usually a problem for them. I have no idea if Sheed was neutralizing Garnett when he was in Portland. However, they’re not going to be able to sag off and help out as much tonight and it’s going to be a challenge. The Celtics should want it more, but to say Detroit doesn’t care about this game is bull—-. They seem to be the type of team that takes slights personally, and they’ve certainly been portrayed as not being what they used to be. Saying you don’t care about regular season wins is any easy way to prepare yourself to say “wait ’til the playoffs’ if you lose. Any human being with an ounce of competitive spirit (which I assume Detroit has) would get pumped up for a game against one of your main competitors, even if it isn’t win-or-go-home time. Detroit has better team chemistry, but their best player (Billups or Sheed, in my opinion) isn’t as good as Pierce or Garnett. In the end, the more talented team should win on their home court. If they don’t, wait til the playoffs.

  • das

    i’m a pistons fan, but i’m not going to run my mouth here like the rest of the assuming bastards, i’ll save it for after the game if we pull it off. BUT you guys are as guilty as pistons fans are at just attempting to brush off your opponent as if they aren’t shit.
    Celtics have bigger stars, probably more efficient producers at 3 spots than we have in our big 3. The Pistons though, have far more depth, maxi is getting better game in and game out, we still don’t have stuckey up and running and i would still rather have lindsey hunter or flip murray over house.
    The Pistons are built for the long haul (assuming they don’t choke as they’ve managed to do under flip for two years now) The Celtics still in my opinion need to strengthen their bench because they rely too heavily on their big three and if one goes down or gets in to some foul trouble they are going to need competent backups to take care of them.
    and come on give sheed some love, KG is the better player but sheed is one of the toughest players to guard in the game based on his versatility… and maybe to some degree his volatility.
    good luck it should be one hell of a game and i look forward to a playoff slugfest as it seems not many other teams in the east are going to be up for the challenge other than Orlando.
    also, usatoday wrote a “book” on rasheed… http://www.usatoday.com/sports/basketball/nba/pistons/2007-12-17-book-on-rwallace_N.htm

  • JDub_Detroit

    Tonight will be a great game – thats for sure –
    but i read a few of the posts – “Billups has a slight edge over Rondo” Not that is funny – Thats like saying Red Auerbach has a slight edge on Doc Rivers…
    The true key will lie on points in the paint – if the C’s go in the paint and the Pistons just watch KG and PP go by then it will be a Detroit loss, that is our weakness ever since Flip arrived..
    The other key will be the bench – if the C’s have Posey or BB Davis Step up then it could be a W for the green –
    Either way, But i just dont see it happening –
    Your record is nice, but so fresh snow until a dog pees on it
    Come April when Boston has played all the contenders then the real Celtics will be seen..
    In the meantime.. Red’s Army can keep shooting blanks, and the Pistons will fire on all cylinders

  • Lily


  • Chris

    Its not often Pistons and Celtics fans have so much respect for each other’s team. I am a Pistons fan which means I respectfully hate the Celtics. Celtics do have something to prove and the Pistons are treating the regular season like its a little less meaningful this year because last year and the year before we hit a wall in the playoffs and got tired, our starting 5 have played more minutes than any other starting 5 in the past 5 years. As we go for a 6th apperance to the East Finals we are all about resting our players. Tonight will mean nothing wait til may

  • I remember going to a game at your TD Banknorth Garden last year or whatever the crap you call it, with a sign that said, “Telfair’s a Fabolous shooter” and basically owning your arena. Funny how you fans come out of nowhere to jersey-chase the big boys like KG and Ray, but your nowhere to be seen any other time. you’re just a bunch of hangers-on. Get your city a social facelift and come back down to earth. Just because y’all think you’re better than everyone else because you live on the east coast, doesn’t mean your team is. Pistons victory. Tonight. Guaransheed.

  • Tom

    The Pistons should win but I know for a fact that they will lose since it will be aired on ESPN. If it was the usual 8 00 start on local TV stations, then the pistons would win. They pistons always lose on ESPN.

  • Renaldo

    I told them that the Pistons were gonna take that home-record away….and i said dont mess with THE BEAST FROM THE EAST…don’t you Boston people ever doubt us, you people just got this new team and you think they are gonna do everybody in that has been here all along. Once again DEEETROIT-BASKETBALL!!!

  • Excuse the other Pistons fans that weren’t so sportsmanlike about that win. But then again, droopy and others were pretty nasty, so maybe they deserved it. In all, this was a great post to start with, a great game tonight, and hopefully a healthy new rivalry in the future.
    Good luck going forward, Boston. Here’s to a good season for us both.

  • Rip City #32

    I See The Pistons Winning This One With .1 Left On the Clock! :D. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL YESSSIR!

  • Check out the latest post on the home page Pistons fans…I’m eating crow.

  • Look who’s sitting on top of the power rankings. To this point in time, Detroit has played more games than Boston has. And too the comment that Detroit has “lost a chunk of heart” since Ben Wallace left, I give you Jason Maxiell. All of the defensive ability, only he can score. Speaking for the Detroit fans, we’re grateful for what Wallace did during the Championship season, but we don’t miss him.