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Pistons Hype, Day 1: Run To Win

Yes… the Celtics are 20-2, but to many people, they might as well be 0-0.  Consider it a 22 game preseason.  The C's real season begins Wednesday night, when they take on the Pistons… who are currently the 2nd best team in the Eastern Conference (and 3rd best overall).  Yes, it's only December… but this is the biggest game in the Eastern Conference so far this year.

The Celtics will want to prove they belong back on top of the NBA.  The Pistons will want to prove that THEY are the best team in the East.  For the C's to take this one, they'll have to run the Pistons out of the building.  The Celtics won't win a half-court game.

The key is to actually make Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace get up and down the floor.  Take their legs away by running them like mad.  That will take away Sheed's long distance jumpers… which will draw KG away from the hoop and open up a lane. 

Running on a half court team makes them more likely to settle for jumpers offensively… and tired legs mean shots won't fall.  The C's have to channel the old fast-break Celtics teams and get 90-100 shots up on Wednesday… which would be enough for the win… and to give Tommy Heinsohn a heart attack.

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  • Green4Life

    This is a big game. I can’t wait to see how the Celts match up to some real competition… & I also can’t wait for Perk to rip Rasheed’s face off for that “They have no bench, and no Center” comment!!