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RedsArmyAdmin December 16, 2007 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Dino-mites

Watch out. The Raptors have won four straight and are seeking revenge. The Celtics won both games against them this season, the most recent being a 112-84 shellacking. According to all those Raptors' fans who flooded this site before that game, it's about respect. Toronto is the defending Atlantic Division champs, damnit! And we Celtics fans should be more humble. How's this for humility? Today's game might actually be competitive. Ray Allen and his sore ankle didn't make the trip. (Granted TJ Ford is still in traction, but Jose Calderon is playing out of his mind.) The Raptors have a chance. (As of 8am, there was no line for this game. Once Vegas wakes up and realizes Ray Allen isn't playing, expect the Celtics to be favored by 3.)

Here's a great quote from Doc Rivers who busted Glen Davis' balls for practicing with a wrap on his left wrist. 

"We'd rip your hand off if we saw that back when I played," said Rivers. "He's putting a bull's-eye on," Rivers said.

Gotta love the old school mentality.

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Let's all wish good luck to our buddy John. He'll be freezing his ass off this afternoon, watching the Patriots and Jets. Enjoy those $8 hot chocolates. And no, watching the game from the medic tent doesn't make you a pussy.

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  • Jeff

    Oh yeah, let the flooding begin, maybe. I think my call for victory last game was off by 30 or so points, so maybe it was me that learned some humility….or not.
    The hype wagon that is the Celtics is about to be set back for at least a day.
    Today it’s you, my friends, that are missing an all-star. It was me making those “silly” injury arguments last game so we’ll see how that plays out, “eh?”

  • If there’s one of the Big 3 that we can manage without…. it’s Ray (Sorry Ray). What I mean is… you can fill that hole a little more easily with all the shooters we have out there. The combination of Posey and House can come in and do a servicable job.
    I say the C’s win this one by 5.
    I’ll be recording this one…and watching another Celtics win after I get back from Gillette.

  • Hmph!
    Way to much Hype. Garnett is like the Nomad from those Dusty Traveller Cartoon show i use to watch, never seen someone travel so dam much!
    No calls though..*sigh*..we all know why…sometimes i wish that Stoopid Ref never got caught!
    Paul is the most unconsistent superstar i have ever seen, i mean this dude is like always and i mean always-12-145, i mean i would love to know his percentages!!
    Mark my words..y’all are Three Game Losing streak from discombobulating!!
    All that confidence might just be in one guy..Garnett..thats it..from what i remember, the celtics are or were losers for a long Long LONG time…that sweep a few yrs ago by the Nets when Mr.Walker was a Celtic, is something i throughly enjoy rewatching every chance i get…heh heh
    Raptors for life!

  • another tim.

    i have to agree that ray allen is the big 3 guy that we can go without. garnett is obvious, and paul has just been ridiculous, especially the last game when ray allen was out.
    and i love ray allen to death but his three point shooting has been…meh. unless of course its for a game winner.
    i agree that posey and house (and paul apparently) can cover threes, and paul can cover those pretty drives to the hoop, but i think thats forgetting the jumpers that garnett has been hitting and rondo actually throwing up some points, 17 against the bucks after 0 against the kings.
    i’m so not worried about this game that i’ll be taping it and watching it after the patriots game (actually i’m not worried about that either)…although i guess toronto fans won’t understand all this NFL talk.

  • jester00

    just throwing this out there, but the Raps suck big time Wow they are almost French Bad